Continents of Yewden

This northern continent is far more industrialized than its souther counterpart. There are far fewer wild and untamped areas in Alcadia than in Valsheir, and most settlements have a well defined roll in terms of trade and commerce, whether they be a provider of materials, or home to the skill craftsmen that can refine those materials into usable and valuable goods.
The dangers of Alcadia lie within the many well developed groups of outlaws and marauders that plague the settlements, with some groups having representation that stretches throughout the entire region.
Alcadia is home to two of the three kingdoms; Log-a-Log, and Abereen.

Far less tamed, and with far less inter-settlement communication and trade, Valsheir has managed to remain closer to the roots of the colorful diversity and whimsy that made up Yewdens past. The settlements themselves are mostly self reliant, only having relations with other settlements that are located a very short ways away from them.
For the most part, the dangers of Valsheir lie in the many different strange beasts and creatures that have made their homes in the untouched swamps and woodlands that span the region.
Alcadia is home to the kingdom of Tempest.

Three Kingdoms of Yewden


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