Welcome to Yewden, a whimsical world with a rich history. You, my fateful adventurers, begin your story as passengers on a ship that is sailing the waters between the desert town of Essos to the town of Faerieport.

As you build your characters, I need you to keep some things in mind. First, I do require some form of background. I would prefer more extensive backgrounds from you guys, including any relationships or connections you have to people in the world, but I’m not going to force you guys to write a large or extensive background. The more you write, however, the more likely it is that I will be able to throw some adventure hooks that relate to your character your way. If you’re not after anything like that and don’t care about having like developments specific to your character, then feel free to just give me a small paragraph. Also, if you want your character to be from a specific town, you can make one up and we’ll work together to place it on the map.

I am allowing evil characters, however if you chose to make an evil character, I do require that they aren’t just insanely evil. They need to be able to intermingle with society and get along with their party members. Party unity is EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY.

Also, I am kinda doing a house rule kinda thing? I have a bunch of achievements you can unlock, and if you unlock them you will get a small reward. Some of the achievements will only be able to be unlocked by the first person who meets the requirements, and some will be able to be unlocked by multiple people. You can find the list of achievements here: Achievements .


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